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(1749) new bright (8) preiser kg (2078) ...more save money! receive specials, new item announcements, and more!enter your e-mail: main categories   airbrush   arts & crafts   arts & crafts   books   building supplies   construction kits   diecast   free flight   glues   jigsaw puzzles   kites   models   paints   rockets   science   slotcars   tools - hand   tools - power   toys & games   trains   woodboats toll free ordering *** please obtain item numbers from the online catalog prior to calling gift certificates available in several amounts. click here for information model trains train sets (546) locomotives (5170) freight cars (10456) passenger cars (4076) hand cars / trollies (83) operating acc. (116) buildings (5932) roadway (6080) figures (3338) track / accessories (1358) lighting / electrical (1225) power (87) scenery (2965) scratch supplies (674) parts (856) trackside accessories (575) bridge-trestle-girder (468) books and misc. 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