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wi-fi gets onboard asia's trains - zdnet uk zdnet uk cnet networks uk business sites:atlarge.comsilicon.comsmartplanet.comzdnet.co.uk skip to main content home news blogs reviews prices resources community my zdnet var starttab = 'news'; var currenttab = 'news'; var tabtimeout; function showheaderlinks(tab) { cleartimeout(tabtimeout); document.getelementbyid('hdtabs-'+currenttab).style.display='none'; document.getelementbyid('hdtabs-'+tab).style.display='block'; currenttab = tab; tabtimeout = settimeout("showheaderlinks(starttab);", 3000); } video leader comment benchmarks white papers downloads competitions hardware software communications internet security it management emerging tech leader group blogs news blog post room rupert's diary hardware reviews software reviews editor's choice buyer's guides tech guides competitions laptop prices desktop prices pda prices printer prices monitor prices software prices server prices jobs articles white papers downloads companies events broadband speed test research panel benchmarks forums people competitions post room   you are here: zdnet.co.uk > news > communications mobile working toolkit wi-fi gets onboard asia's trains tags: asia, japan, surveillance, train isabelle chan zdnet asia published: 22 jun 2007 11:07 bst wireless internet services, currently available on japan's tsukuba express, are slowly making their way onto other public train networks in asia. chris koeneman, senior vice president of wireless technology provider colubris networks, said that his company has clinched a deal to provide wi-fi services to commuters in the waiting and boarding areas of hong kong's mass transit railway (mtr) system. koeneman said mtr, which serves more than 2.4 million passengers daily, will be looking at, firstly, providing its commuters with an onboard internet connection and, subsequently, the implementation of wireless video surveillance. colubris wireless lan (wlan) access points will be deployed in all 51 mtr subway stations by the end of the year. singapore's public trains could also be equipped with wi-fi capabilities. early this year, the land transport authority of singapore issued a request for information (rfi) for a train-borne surveillance system. watch this dialogue box 2.10: a christmas news roundup dialogue box takes a whistlestop tour of the top tech news stories of 2007, and looks ahead to what the major headlines might be in 2008 view full video koeneman said it is still too early to say what singapore's plans are, since the government has only called for an rfi. according to colubris networks, train operators typically build a business case for wi-fi based on five applications: video surveillance, "infotainment", passenger internet connectivity, voice communications for employees, and train maintenance. while different train operators would have different motivations to implement wi-fi, koeneman said, video surveillance would probably be the key reason, especially for countries like singapore which are "very security conscious". koeneman also said that, of the five applications, "security is the one that gets the budget". howard kim, managing director for asia-pacific and japan at colubris networks, said other potential markets include korea, china and malaysia. colubris networks announced this week, at the communicasia conference, a tri-radio access point where one radio is fully dedicated to continuous radio frequency security, leaving the other two to provide support for the 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands. according to koeneman, the colubris multiservice access point 630 helps ensure users have reliable performance for high-bandwidth business applications, as well as full-time network security. function voteyes() { var newstr = window.location.href; newstr += "?user_" + "rating=1"; window.location.href = newstr; return true; } function voteno() { var newstr = window.location.href; newstr += "?user_" + "rating=0"; window.location.href = newstr; return true; } did you find this article useful?1 out of 3 people found this useful share this article: post a comment full talkback thread 0 comments more in mobile working toolkit news yahoo 'reinvents mobile comms' with oneconnect. news dotmobi database aids mobile-website developers. news vodafone warns of threat from google and apple. news blackberry outage caused by system-upgrade glitch. news nokia handsets to get google search. more in mobile working toolkit related links white papers a multi-radio future? wi-fi, wimax, 3g, uwb: complementary? [26 jul 2007] white papers tropos metro-scale wi-fi networks for video surveillance [20 oct 2005] news uk wi-fi operators to lay down their swords? [27 jul 2004] news uk train operators expand free wi-fi offers [17 mar 2004] news mobile operators to offer wi-fi via bt [29 sep 2003] company/topic alerts create a new alert from the list below: colubris wi-fi var videoadstream = ''; var videoadlink = ''; var videoadgraphicstory = ''; var videoadgraphicpaint = ''; var playtrack = ''; install flash player plugin var fo = new flashobject("http://www.zdnet.co.uk/i/z/flash/video/zdnet_3-2-3.swf", "utility-video", "334", "268", "8", "#cccccc", true); fo.addparam('allowfullscreen', 'true'); fo.addvariable("adtype", "rmtp"); fo.addvariable("adstream", videoadstream); fo.addvariable("referer", document.referrer); fo.addvariable("adcallback", playtrack); fo.addvariable("location", 'paint_'+ s.prop23 + '|' + s.prop24); fo.addvariable("mainstream", "vendorboard_intel_gig_mainframe_640x480_nov07_v3"); fo.addvariable("maintype", "flv"); fo.addvariable("intrographic", "/i/z5/illo/nw/video_graphics/december07/320x240/320_future-mainframe-con.jpg"); fo.addvariable("strautoplay", "false"); fo.addvariable("drawborder", "false"); fo.write("rhsvideoplayer"); most recentmost popular discussions feelyou22 make free calls wednesday 13 february 2008, 9:28 pm 3 comments harpless we need to redefine i.t. skills wednesday 13 february 2008, 7:14 pm 4 comments rupert goodwins my mobile radiation health fear: apopl... wednesday 13 february 2008, 5:46 pm 3 comments peterjudge my mobile radiation health fear: apopl... wednesday 13 february 2008, 3:47 pm 3 comments view all discussions j.a. watson my mobile radiation health fear: apopl... wednesday 13 february 2008, 2:54 pm 3 comments j.a. watson vista service pack 1 (rc1 refresh) upg... wednesday 13 february 2008, 1:40 pm 5 comments dark overlord the qwerty keyboard - why? wednesday 13 february 2008, 11:41 am 1 post pookanyoni pookanyoni wednesday 13 february 2008, 11:27 am 1 post view all macbook winner investigates wartime en... a few months ago, we ran a competition for a matching black macbook and usb modem, courtesy of mobile broadband provider vodafone. congratulations are due to the winner john harris,... more post a comment my mobile radiation health fear: apopl... exradia is a london-based company at mwc, and i¸ve just come out of its press briefing. i don¸t honestly know quite where to start. let¸s get the facts out of the way first. exradia... more 3 comments plumber¸s lament i have an admission: i¸m a bit of a geek. in particular, a wireless geek, and in particular particular, the analogue hardware bits. which is why you¸ll often find me at mwc on the... more post a comment meet the zdnet uk team rupert goodwins technology editor rupert goodwins is older than any three other members of the team combined. view full profile skip sub navigation links to cnet brand links email address: password: remember me help become part of the zdnet community. sign up now! or take a tour security threats mobile devices application development network management desktop platforms security management databases processors server platforms storage mobile working office applications after hours mail & messaging training disaster recovery enterprise applications voip emerging tech green it outsourcing virtualisation sme enterprise open source industry watch online business accessibility management intellectual property compliance on the road sentry posts vista upgrade post room news reviews not-safe-for-work rupert's diary homebrew blog daily news zdnet insight zdnetweek zdnet events mobile update communications update it white papers security virus alert special reports alert software tools reviews & prices netbuyer best deals zdnet annoucement it jobs about cnet networks uk copyright © 1995-2008 cnet networks, inc. all rights reserved back to top
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