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all aboard for wi-fi trains? - zdnet uk zdnet uk cnet networks uk business sites:atlarge.comsilicon.comsmartplanet.comzdnet.co.uk skip to main content home news blogs reviews prices resources community my zdnet var starttab = 'news'; var currenttab = 'news'; var tabtimeout; function showheaderlinks(tab) { cleartimeout(tabtimeout); document.getelementbyid('hdtabs-'+currenttab).style.display='none'; document.getelementbyid('hdtabs-'+tab).style.display='block'; currenttab = tab; tabtimeout = settimeout("showheaderlinks(starttab);", 3000); } video leader comment benchmarks white papers downloads competitions hardware software communications internet security it management emerging tech leader group blogs news blog post room rupert's diary hardware reviews software reviews editor's choice buyer's guides tech guides competitions laptop prices desktop prices pda prices printer prices monitor prices software prices server prices jobs articles white papers downloads companies events broadband speed test research panel benchmarks forums people competitions post room   you are here: zdnet.co.uk > news > hardware mobile devices toolkit all aboard for wi-fi trains? tags: graham wilde, trains, bwcs, wi-fi graeme wearden zdnet.co.uk published: 23 may 2003 17:13 bst rail companies may soon be wi-fi enabled, giving laptop and pda users the chance to surf and email on the train. the wireless lan event heard on thursday that several companies in the railway sector are interested in the possibility of implementing wireless networks in trains, with some trials already planned or underway. however, there is a phalanx of formidable obstacles to overcome, which could mean that widespread wi-fi rollout across the rolling stock could be 20 or more years away. wi-fi on trains has significant commercial potential, according to graham wilde, director of research group bwcs. wilde told an audience at the wireless lan event that the total european market could be worth nearly £400m a year by 2007. wi-fi is already being rolled out at many of the uk's major railway stations by megabeam -- the next challenge is to get it into the carriages themselves. bwcs recently conducted a survey to find how much interest there is in wi-fi on trains. most of the passengers who were carrying laptops said they would be very keen to use a high-speed wireless network if one were available, with many saying they would even be interested in a slower dial-up connection. those surveyed said they would welcome the opportunity to access the internet and their corporate network, to send and receive email, and to check travel information. gaming was also popular, although when bwcs probed a little deeper they found that the average train passenger probably isn't a fan of shoot-'em-ups. "people quite liked the ides of playing games verses other people on the train, but when you asked which games they'd like to play, the favourites turned out to be chess and crosswords. it looks like there aren't many doom players," said wilde. bwcs found that most potential wi-fi users said they would be prepared to pay up to £5 for their wireless access. "you can probably charge twice that, though, because there's nowhere else they can go," wilde explained, pointing out that the same rationale is responsible for the infamous £15 breakfasts that some train operators offer. given current laptop take-up, the uk's train wi-fi market is worth about £6m this year. bwcs estimates this will rise to £47m by 2007, with the overall european market then being worth £394m. with wi-fi hot spots springing up across europe, bwcs's research should give operators a clear green light to implement wireless networks for their customers. but there are a lot of problems to overcome, the most significant of which is probably managing to link the train's wireless network to the internet. "getting a signal on and off a moving train is pretty tough," wilde said. he explained that several technologies could be used, such as satellite, gprs, a wireless link running at 3.4ghz, or even 802.11b itself. a mixture of several of these technologies would be the best solution, but even then the presence of tunnels is a major handicap -- as anyone who has tried to make a mobile phone call from a train can testify. wilde suggested that, given the problems with maintaining a constant high-speed connection to and from a fast-moving train, the solution could be to just have wi-fi links at stations. this "pseudo realtime" service would let people upload and download emails, but would be less suited to web surfing. wilde explained that wi-fi would be useful to the train operators themselves, letting them set up voice over ip services and also perform credit card sales wirelessly. but, given the fragmented state of the uk's railway industry, wi-fi operators would have to negotiate with many different companies if they wanted to offer a national service. these train service operators are also all on fixed-term contracts with no guarantee of renewal -- meaning they have little interest in implementing technology that would only pay back over several years, as they might have lost their franchise before then. installing wi-fi networks across a whole fleet of carriages would also be a mammoth undertaking, and wilde admitted that it could take another 25 years before wi-fi services are available across the uk's train network. discover the latest developments in wi-fi, 3g, gprs and other cutting-edge wireless technologies at zdnet uk's wireless news section. let the editors know what you think in the mailroom. function voteyes() { var newstr = window.location.href; newstr += "?user_" + "rating=1"; window.location.href = newstr; return true; } function voteno() { var newstr = window.location.href; newstr += "?user_" + "rating=0"; window.location.href = newstr; return true; } did you find this article useful?36 out of 85 people found this useful share this article: post a comment full talkback thread 1 comment hello, any update on wifi on trains ?? i've heard... marie-paule odini more in mobile devices toolkit news factory worker faces £27k vodafone bill. competition win a centrino pro-powered lenovo laptop. news retail push helps rim beat expectations . competition win an orange spv e650. news avaya folds iphone into the corporate network. more in mobile devices toolkit related links news wi-fi to arrive at uk's railway stations [16 jul 2002] news high and confusing prices 'hampering' wi-fi take-up [22 may 2003] company/topic alerts create a new alert from the list below: railways wi-fi graham wilde wireless bwcs trains win an orange spv e650 what does gprs stand for? general packet radio service general package relay service general push radio sequence competition closes - 16 jan 2008 var videoadstream = ''; var videoadlink = ''; var videoadgraphicstory = ''; var videoadgraphicpaint = ''; var playtrack = ''; install flash player plugin var fo = new flashobject("http://www.zdnet.co.uk/i/z/flash/video/zdnet_3-2-3.swf", "utility-video", "334", "268", "8", "#cccccc", true); fo.addparam('allowfullscreen', 'true'); fo.addvariable("adtype", "rmtp"); fo.addvariable("adstream", videoadstream); fo.addvariable("referer", document.referrer); fo.addvariable("adcallback", playtrack); fo.addvariable("location", 'paint_'+ s.prop23 + '|' + s.prop24); fo.addvariable("mainstream", "vendorboard_intel_gig_serverpower_640x480_nov07_v3"); fo.addvariable("maintype", "flv"); fo.addvariable("intrographic", "/i/z5/illo/nw/video_graphics/december07/320x240/320_server-power-consumptio.jpg"); fo.addvariable("strautoplay", "false"); fo.addvariable("drawborder", "false"); fo.write("rhsvideoplayer"); laptop review - fujitsu lifebook s6510 i have been using this new laptop for about a week now, and i am very pleased with it. there have been a couple of minor irritants, as is always the case with a new computer, but overall... more post a comment voip dial-out to pots (pstn) - sightsp... as i have been traveling, it has become obvious that paying the roaming fees charged by my swiss cellular provider to make calls was a silly, and expensive, waste of money. the obvious... more post a comment perfectionist's powerpoint tip: how to... perfectionist's powerpoint tip: how to e-mail your powerpoint presentations to others perfectly great powerpoint tutorial about multiple ways to email your powerpoint presentations,... more post a comment most recentmost popular discussions zhangming chinese domain name reccomendations saturday 29 december 2007, 1:07 am 3 posts jacob_lang use pbc-eeurotariff mobile application... friday 28 december 2007, 10:40 pm 2 comments harpless microsoft makes hard decisions easier friday 28 december 2007, 10:37 pm 2 comments computer1 wts apple iphone 8gb,htc advantage x75... friday 28 december 2007, 6:27 pm 1 post view all discussions j_stanley let vodafone sue friday 28 december 2007, 3:59 pm 1 comment chrishocking riedel wine glasses friday 28 december 2007, 2:45 pm 1 comment jamesmforrester@hotmail.com change my zdnet.co.uk username? 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