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railway info railway info schedules international trains to and from belgium amsterdam to paris vv brussels to luxemburg vv 2001 - 2002 belgium to southern france vv avoiding paris london-brussels-köln vv with eurostar london-brussels-köln vv with the ferry dover-oostende (in preparation) other schedules hafas offers almost all european timetables! dutch railway timetables (at the site of the dutch railways) belgian domestic timetables (at the site of nmbs/sncb) german and european timetables french timetables railtrack's journey planner (gb), mirrored at uk railways on the net austrian railways irish rail timetable follow the link to koreplaner on the danish state railways home page norwegian railway timetables swedish railway timetables finnish railway timetables (by otto-ville ronkainen) czech railway information (by idos) polish railway information (by witold jurczyk) timetables of the hungarian state railways portugese railway information italian timetables (in italian) freight trains through the chunnel eurostar information and timetables (by erik evrard and myself) amtrak schedules (by matthew mitchell) railways on the net most european railway companies have a page of their own, like: scotrail (uk) amtrak (usa) via rail (canada) eurostar (brussels & paris to london vv) eurotunnel sbb/cff/fss (switzerland) dbag (germany) austrian railways cp (portugal) sncf (france) spanish railway information (in spanish) italian railway information (in italian) danish state railways (in danish) sj (sweden) vr (finland) ns (netherlands) nmbs/sncb (belgium) pkp (poland) the official thalys site railtrack (gb) greek railways rail europe , a subsidary of sncf in the us, offers some information on e.g. rail passes. try also europrail for info on rail passes. railway maps a map of the berlin rapid transit system (schnellbahnnetz) (october '94), 373 kb. (also try the humbold university one) a map from the belgian time table , 227 kb a map of the danish state railways , 174 kb a map of the finnish railways (from the official vr site) a map showing the future leuven track layout (209 kb), and an update for the north-western part. a map showing the future antwerp track layout. a map from the luxemburg time table, 99 kb railmap of network south east, provided by the university college of london railmap of the netherlands, provided by jan-joris vereijken a map of the railways in the port of antwerp provided by bart van der spiegel a map with the allowed speeds on the belgian network polish railways russian railroad, subway and tram maps the history of the dutch railway net in maps, provided by berend schotanus railways in belgium stefan nicolaï's nmbs/sncb page david de neef's pages in french, partly a translation of stefan nicolaï's pages the belgian railfan site belgian lines and their opening dates (by gtf/alan reekie) belgian lines an overview by paul kevers (in dutch) belgium by train (by alan reekie) belgian line news 1995 (from bln) belgian line news 1996 (from bln) belgian line news 1997 (from bln) belgian line news 1998 (from bln) belgian line news 1999 (from bln) belgian line news 2000 (from bln) belgian line news 2001 (from bln) belgian line news 2002 (from bln) belgian line news 2003 (from bln) belgian line news 2004 (from bln) info on veteran railways and organizations in belgium (in dutch) info on lines and stations by andré sintzoff (in french) some explanations about the riv code (in dutch) the vennbahn (in german) ic/ir connections 24 may 1998 - 29 may 1999 the home page of the modulespoorgroep luik-luxembourg with peter van gestels treinzot-gazet (in dutch) current and historical abbreviations of belgian stations belgian signalling history of the belgian signalling system power supply at belgian railways (in dutch) hendrik parmentier's page with some nice pictures jan de poorter's page with some nice pictures of cfl loco 3000 (=belgian 1300) belgische vrienden van de stoomlocomotief stoomcentrum maldegem le chemin de fer à vapeur des trois vallées - cfv3v a walk beside the past, present and future of antwerp's transport network by alan reekie pft/tsp, the most important association of railway freaks in belgium (in dutch or in french) the history of railways in belgium (in french) serge hoogsteyn's page with a description of the training of a belgian train driver and of the belgian signalling system (in french) the nmbs enthusiasts site railways in wallonia tuc rail, the company managing the building of high speed lines in belgium michel van den berghe's site on the hsl construction works between leuven and brussels tramways in belgium planitram, a site dedicated to public transport networks in the brussels region busses in flanders light metro and tramways in charleroi museum tramway lobbes-thuin help to preserve arr emd mrs-1 unit 1818/1718 busses between de panne and dunkerque connecting the belgian and french railway networks my favourite picture of these weeks: german 58 1111 (built karsruhe, 1912) on the pobershau bridge, march 1993 picture: v.jacobi, scan kees smilde. click here to see my favourite picture of may/june 1996 showing a maquette of the ordered dual voltage belgian loco 1300. click here to see my favourite picture of march/april 1996 showing dual voltage belgian emu 441. click here to see my favourite picture of february 1996 showing a brand-new french bb 36000. click here to see my favourite picture of january 1996 showing a brand-new belgian i11 coach. click here to see my favourite picture of december 1995 showing a german narrow-gauge steam train. click here to see my favourite picture of november 1995 showing belgian and luxemburg 1802. click here to see my favourite picture of october 1995 showing a belgian steam loco in the early morning. click here to see my favourite picture of september 1995 showing a german "regiosprinter". click here to see my favourite picture of august 1995 showing belgian loco 1602 in her new livery. click here to see how many railfans fit into a compartment of a german train. most people on this picture have contributions in the mailing list "ns-discussies". picture taken by maarten deen. hotlinks for first time travellers in europe: how to europe the home page of the union internationale des chemins de fer a list with uniform numerical marking of railway rolling stock what? you don't know the the european railway server (ers) in pisa with lots of info on european railways? niels' uic number calculation page the home page of the bttb (in dutch) picture gallery tgv index clem tillier's tgv pages rail museums in the netherlands here or here or here you can find lots of hotlinks on railroading the ultimate steam page lots of german and international links unofficial page with links on french railways have a look this site about touristic railways in france what's happening at münchen hbf the website for the railway industry to my home page this file is maintained by kees smilde
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