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rail travel, uk rail travel, cheap train fare in uk, travel by rail, cheap rail travel, uk trains if (top!=self) { top.location = location; } _uacct = "ua-95782-1"; urchintracker(); home > destinations > europe > uk > uk rail travel uk rail travel rail travel in the united kingdom is one of the most convenient ways to see the country without the hassle of renting a car.  rail travel can also be time and cost effective, depending on your travel plans and travel needs.  although the popular eurailpass is not valid in great britain, the united kingdom has devised some money saving rail travel passes of their own.  since the uk is one of the most industrialized nations in the world, uk rail travel is quite safe, and train schedules are widely available on the web. cheap train fare in uk is available through the purchase of a britrail pass.  this pass will provide unlimited travel between england, scotland and wales with no restrictions.  for anyone planning to make an extended vacation in the uk and see all three areas, this is a great way to take advantage of cheap train fare in uk.  passes are priced based on time (a week pass, month pass, etc). another option for cheap train fare in uk is the britrail england consecutive pass.  this uk rail travel pass will allow travelers to unlimited rides for a consecutive number of days, depending on your travel plans.  this is an excellent choice for travelers who want to do their sightseeing all at once.  you can buy these uk rail travel passes for as few as 4 days, or as many as 30. the britrail flexipass is the best choice for travelers who want more flexibility with their train travel.  this is the best way to travel by rail if you'd like to intersperse your travel by rail with stops in cities and villages.  you can travel by rail with one of theses cheap rail travel options for as few as 4 days, or as long as 2 months. you can also purchase specific passes for the countries within the united kingdom, if you plan to travel exclusively within one country.  scotland, england, and wales all offer their own uk trains passes and also offer excellent deals and cheap rail travel options. on top of being a cost effective way to see many tourist attraction in the uk, travel is also a great way to get a feel for the country side.  from the rolling hills of scotland to the bustle of england, trains provide a peaceful way to see the land.  many tracks travel within view of english castles and scottish castles, as well. the first uk trains operated in northeast england.  on september 27th, 1825 the stockton and darlington railway opened its doors to become britain's first passenger railway.  the first route covered nine miles and traveled about 15 miles per hour; taking a total of about 2 hours.  since then, uk trains move quite a lot faster and cover many more miles. uk trains are a great way to save money and time when traveling through the united kingdom.               add to:  del.icio.us | digg | furl | reddit contact us | link to us | travel marketing | write for us | content licensing | privacy policy | terms of use | help © 2007 destination360 all rights reserved uk map travel resources cruises uk golf scotland london tube resorts and spa travel insurance uk uk cell phone rental uk day trip uk itineraries uk trains latest topics is england in europe? i was standing in line with my daughter at disney world and met a gentleman from the u.k. ... london i would like to know what is the best time of the year to visit london, england? i ask thi... central london rail from an interested aussie, can someone please tell me how many railway stations central lo... great place to stay in london hey everybody! i thought i’d tell you a little about my stay in the waterloo distri...   select a region asia australia south pacific caribbean central america europe north america south america uk overview airlines to uk events holidays history health and safety london nightlife shopping things to do transportation uk images uk restaurant weather when to go uk countries england scotland wales uk cities dover edinburgh glasgow guernsey london hotels edinburgh hostels edinburgh hotels london hostels london hotels scotland hotels wales hotels destinations alton towers big ben brodick castle buckingham palace canterbury cathedral castles england channel islands dover castle glamis castle guernsey library guernsey museum guernsey saint peter port castles england highgate cemetery hyde park and kensington gardens lake district leeds castle london bridge london eye millenium wheel london zoo roman baths scottish castles stirling castle stone henge tower bridge trafalgar square victor hugo house victoria tower westminster abbey windsor castle
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